Workspace Context

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When interacting with Ardoq, you will often find yourself working within the the context of a particular workspace (or set of workspaces). The required contextual information can include the following:

  • The types that a component or reference may have.
  • The structure (hierarchy) that these types impose.
  • The custom fields that a component/reference may have.
  • The list of tags that can be used in the workspace.

This contextual information (or just context) can be thought of as including the core information about the workspace's metamodel. The response is intended to be both human and machine readable.

curl ""
resp = ardoq_request("/api/v2/workspaces/c253c98231776d0c8a54879e/context")
(async () => {
    const resp = await ardoq_request("/api/v2/workspaces/c253c98231776d0c8a54879e/context")