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List Report definitions


You are viewing documentation for an incubating feature. This feature is not yet fully supported and may change or be removed in future versions.

View the full schema here.

This endpoint allows you to retrieve information about a multiple reports without running them. The responses will contain the report definition, including the report's name, description, and the report's configuration.

curl \
  --get \
  --header "Authorization: Bearer ${ARDOQ_API_TOKEN}" \
  --header "X-org: ${ARDOQ_ORG_LABEL}" \
  --data-urlencode "name=My Report" \
  --fail-with-body \
query={"name":"My Report"}
resp = ardoq_request("/api/v2/incubating/reports",query=query)
(async () => {
    query=`name=My Report`
    const resp = await ardoq_request(`/api/v2/incubating/reports?${query}`)

Example Result

  "values": [
      "_id": "63ea1a02bbed2e0001a19a9c",
      "_version": 1,
      "name": "The best of reports",
      "datasource": "graphSearch",
      "columns": [
        {"label": "Name"},
        {"label": "Strategic Rating"},
        {"label": "Recommended Migration Strategy"},
        {"label": "Migration Strategy"},
        {"label": "SaaS Alternative"},
        {"label": "Lifecycle Phase"},
        {"label": "Total Cost (USD)"},
        {"label": "Total Supporting Infrastructure"},
        {"label": "Total Integrations"},
        {"label": "Total Capabilities Realized"},
      "description": "string",
      "_meta": {
        "created": "2023-09-12T09:35:25.415Z",
        "createdBy": "650095970d99b1000160e591",
        "lastUpdated": "2023-09-12T10:07:52.456Z",
        "lastModifiedBy": "6500966c0d99b1000160e592",
        "createdByEmail": "",
        "createdByName": "Mr. Ardoq",
        "lastModifiedByEmail": "",
        "lastModifiedByName": "Ms. Ardoq"
  "_links": {},
  "_meta": {}